Omics Bench

A new era in computation for biology, advancing scientific discovery at the speed of thought.

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The unified solution for
biological data analysis


Access leading experts in data analytics

Omics Bench brings together expertise in computer engineering, bioinformatics, and biology to create the only workspace you need for scientific computing.

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Future-proof your data strategy

Omics Bench has a solution for your data anlysis needs that will grow as you do - whether it is your first experiment or your millionth.

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Streamline your data analytics

From ready-to-go template analytics applications to fully de novo custom builds, Omics Bench has a strategy for the comprehensive spectrum of your biological data needs.

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Trusted by biologists
across the industry.

“I’m a cancer biologist, not a programmer. My lab generates multi-omics data, and Watershed’s template workflows let us generate basic insights with publication-quality figures immediately.”

"With Watershed, we were able to change data analysis to fit our needs in a few minutes and identify differentially expressed genes between multiple experimental groups. Identifying key differences in such a quick time frame facilitated the generation of new hypotheses that shed light on follow up study plans.”

“The Watershed platform enabled my biology team, with no previous coding experience, to answer their own questions in minutes rather than months of back-and-forth with a bioinformatician.”

“Watershed gave [biologists and bioinformaticians] at SynDevRx a common language. We can look together at the questions we’re asking of the data while examining the results. This helped us overcome the siloed thinking between biology and informatics endemic to this field.”

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