Where data
becomes insight.

Our intuitive Data Lab platform empowers our clients to design, execute, and iterate their own sequencing analyses, shortening time between iterations and enabling more efficient and effective experimentation. We expedite and multiply the development of targeted, breakthrough therapies and diagnostics.

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Built for multi-omics analysis.

Our platform organizes and parses the deluge
of new biology data, enabling you to triangulate
insights across genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and beyond.

ABout Our Technology

Faster iterations, faster insights.

By abstracting away the thousands of lines of code
that existing tools require, Watershed’s integrative
cloud notebook and scalable storage/compute infrastructure allow users to spend time on what matters most — their science.

Our templated workflows and simplified data management generate insights and discoveries immediately, with the flexibility to easily customize the analysis to your specific queries.

About Our Platform
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Streamlined collaboration.

Science is a team sport. Watershed® centralizes communication, enabling faster, simpler sharing of datasets and results within and between biology and bioinformatics groups.

About Our Platform

Trusted by biologists
across the industry.

“I’m a cancer biologist, not a programmer. My lab generates multi-omics data, and Watershed’s template workflows let us generate basic insights with publication-quality figures immediately. The broader platform is fantastic for collaborating with bioinformatics colleagues on more sophisticated analyses. Overall, Watershed hugely expedited our analysis, and my lab continues to expand our usage of the platform.”

"Watershed’s platform allowed us to quickly process experimental data. With Watershed, we were able to change data analysis to fit our needs in a few minutes and identify differentially expressed genes between multiple experimental groups. Identifying key differences in such a quick time frame facilitated the generation of new hypotheses that shed light on follow up study plans.”

“The Watershed platform enabled my biology team, with no previous coding experience, to answer their own questions in minutes rather than months of back-and-forth with a bioinformatician. Watershed helped us unlock the next stage of Revitope’s therapeutic development program; we highly recommend them.”

“Watershed has revolutionized our approach to RNAseq data analysis, allowing us to perform differential gene expression and enrichment analyses in house with rapid turn-around time. This has enabled rapid iteration in experimental design and implementation, accelerating our science and discovery in cellular models of psychiatric disorders.”

“Watershed gave [biologists and bioinformaticians] at SynDevRx a common language. We can look together at the questions we’re asking of the data while examining the results. This helped us overcome the siloed thinking between biology and informatics endemic to this field.”

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