Our Cloud Data Lab

As an end-to-end Bio-IT managed service provider, Watershed’s Cloud Data Lab (CDL) provides reliable, secure, scalable, and accessible storage, computation, and analysis tools that enable biologists to analyze their own -omics data and bioinformaticians to rapidly prototype and deploy bespoke analytic workflows across their entire organization. All with less cost and less complexity than any other solution on the market.

What to expect

During your Live 1:1 Watershed Demo, we will showcase a variety of the platform’s most exciting features, including:

  • CDL’s Speed. Select a workflow, test your hypotheses, iterate your analysis, and share your findings in minutes rather than months with Data Lab. Combined with our scalable storage and compute infrastructure+comprehensive bioinformatics tooling, Data Lab lets you spend time on what matters most —your science.
  • CDL’s User-Friendly Interface. Our intuitive platform, white-glove onboarding experience, high-quality user guides, and patent-pending no-code/low-code technology lets anyone (yes, even non-coders!) derive actionable insights from their data.
  • CDL’s Flexibility. Data Lab is purpose-built to have the flexibility bioinformaticians need to prototype and deploy custom analyses to answer your exact questions. All of the tools you need, pre-loaded and available for custom build-outs.
  • Exclusive Access to Expert Bioinformaticians. Our team of Harvard, MIT, and UCSD-trained PhD-level bioinformatics experts are ready to immediately lend a helping hand (our average Slack response time is <5 minutes). We’re always here when you need us, from a single question to an entire project.

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