Omics Bench

Streamlined bioinformatics designed to empower scientific breakthroughs.

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Designed to Empower Scientists

Omics Bench was designed to give bench scientists the power to analyze their own omics data in a single, stand-alone platform, and is fully equipped with every component critical to an effective data solution.

Flexible Data Solutions

Data is as unique as the science from which it was derived. Omics Bench was built with this principle in mind, and provides solutions for routine analyses, fully customized approaches, and everything between.

Powerful & Secure Computing

Powerful data requires powerful computing and state-of-the-art security. That's why Omics Bench utilizes a powerful, proprietary biology-optimized cloud, incorporating the highest standards of data security at every level.

Comprehensive Support

More than just a platform, Omics Bench comes with an expert team to support you in accomplishing your research goals. Whether you require a few minutes, a few months, or a few years of support, our dedicated team of analysis experts is here for you.

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