Biology and bioinformatics in one cohesive workspace.

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Leverage the intuitive capabilities of Omics Bench to expedite communication and multiply your multi-omics discoveries.

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Next-generation cloud computing.

Watershed has designed an interconnected infrastructure purpose-built for data-intensive omics analysis. Automated, scalable compute and storage enables processing and caching of terabytes to petabytes of data without slow downs and at a cost and complexity much less than AWS. 

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Intuitive UI with the flexibility of code.

Enable biologists and bioinformaticians to work independently and collaborate seamlessly in a single, cohesive workspace. Easily upload, analyze and visualize experiments in a toggleable code vs no-code environment. 

Drastically streamlined experience.

Our powerful platform turns the convoluted, recursive task of omics analysis into a streamlined and reliable workflow. Instantly access the world’s bioinformatics tooling repositories without worrying about version compatibility or insufficient computational resources.

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